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MLG viewers watched more than 54M hours of video in 2013

Major League Gaming viewers watched more than 54 million hours of video in 2013, the eSports organization announced this week.

According to MLG's statistics, that represents a 262 percent increase from 2012 and 1,557 percent increase since 2010.

"MLG's 1,557 percent growth in live video consumption over the last four years is tremendous and we expect that demand to continue as we expand our programming via our new MLG.TV premium video platform in 2014," said MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni. "With greater viewership than traditional sports broadcasts online and the recent launch of MLG.TV, MLG is the powerhouse property for advertisers to reach the illusive young male demo."

For more on MLG, be sure to read Polygon's interview with the eSports organization's founders, Sundance DiGiovanni and Michael Sepso, who don't believe there's a fundamental distinction between traditional and eSports.

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