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Flow launches for PlayStation 4 Dec. 17

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Thatgamecompany will release its debut title, Flow, for PlayStation 4 on Dec. 17, Santa Monica Studio associate producer Eric Fong announced via the PlayStation Blog.

In Flow, players control a small, snake-like creature through a series of colorful, aquatic environments. The game will be available for $5.99 and is a cross-buy title for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Flow's DLC will also be available for $1.99.

Flow was expected to launch in November, following the console's launch. The game was originally released as a free flash game in 2006, with a full launch on PlayStation 3 in 2007.

For more on why Sony is bringing Flow to PlayStation 4, along with Flower, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan, check out our interview with Scott Rohde of Sony Worldwide Studios America.