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Game devs team up with Cards Against Humanity for a 'sexy' card game

The creators of Cards Against Humanity teamed up with Sportsfriends co-developer Doug Wilson and game designer Zach Gage to release Clusterfuck, a sex party card game.

(Eds. Note: As you might guess, the rules of the game, and some language in the video above, are NSFW.)

In Clusterfuck, players want to either score with friends three times or complete a threesome. First, players pass each other "sexy" notes. In the next round, players close their eyes and point to the person or people they want to hook up with. Two players pointing exclusively to each other score and earn one point, while three players pointing to one another complete a threesome and win three points.

However, players outside of a suspected threesome can choose to flip off the trio, busting up the ménage à trois and earning two points. Advanced rules are also available for players seeking a challenge — and the chance to ogle friends or pass along chlamydia.

You can download cards and rules free for Clusterfuck here. For more on how the game is played, check out the video above. Clusterfuck was created as part of Cards Against Humanity's 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit.

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