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Cyberpunk adventure Read Only Memories funded on Kickstarter

ROM: Read Only Memories, the futuristic cyberpunk adventure game from the organizers of the queer gaming convention GaymerX, was successfully funded on Kickstarter with a final tally of $64,378 from 1,790 backers.

Developer MidBoss Games' Kickstarter campaign concluded today, but reached its funding goal of $62,064 two days earlier on Dec. 11. Because MidBoss participated in Ouya's Free the Games fund, Ouya will match the first $62,064 of the studio's total. Interested parties can still contribute to the development of Read Only Memories via PayPal through the end of 2013.

Read Only Memories is set in 2064 in Neo-San Francisco, with the player taking the role of a journalist who receives a mysterious message from a friend. MidBoss describes the adventure game as "queer-friendly" and says it will feature a wide variety of colorful characters, with the player able to choose whom they do and don't want to associate with. Read Only Memories is scheduled to be released in November 2014; at launch, it will be available on Mac, Ouya, Steam and Windows PC, and it will later be released on Android and iOS.

Next year's convention, GaymerX2, will run from July 11-13 in San Francisco.

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