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Japanese magazine offers Alphabet and Tenya Wanya Teens PS Vita skins

Japanese magazine Dengeki is offering Alphabet and Tenya Wanya Teens skins for the PlayStation Vita in its latest issue.

The magazine, which is only available in Japan, has two skins that users can stick onto their Vita. The Alphabet skin, based on the game by Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, is designed for the pink PS Vita, while the Tenya Wanya Teens skin, based on the game by Uvula, Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol, is designed for the black PS Vita.

While the skins are currently not available outside of Japan, Venus Patrol founder Brandon Boyer recently floated the possibility of printing them en masse and selling them separately. Until then, you can see how the skins wrap around the handheld console via Dengeki Online.

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