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Natural Selection 2 studio announces a new game genre in Subnautica

Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds announced its latest project Subnautica today, said to dip its toes in an as-of-yet untested genre that combines "role playing, sandbox, exploration and cinematic games."

The game is being developed by a small team and is currently in early stages of prototyping, according to a post on the studio's website. Users will be able to build submarines and develop equipment to explore the depths of the ocean, with early builds planned to open to players in the coming months.

The studio describes its open-world underwater exploration game as a "genre of which we do not believe has yet ben invented."

"Subnautica aims to elicit a feeling of experiencing the unknown: A sense that you are exploring an untouched world, not knowing how far, or how deep you can go."

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