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Mewgenics lets you stack everything from lazy to sexy cat personalities

Mewgenics developer Team Meat detailed the personality system featured in the cat-riddled game in its latest blog post, touching on how players can influence the stats of their cats, effect their behavior and eventually breed those traits throughout the cat family tree.

While cats are born with a multitude of different stats, "cat types" can be stacked by the player. To do that, personalities are forged using in-game furniture that the cats will identify with at birth.

"The ones that effect them the most are 'furniture sets,'" reads the post. "These large items tend to be the foundation of your house, where you place things and where the cats are fed/sleep/die and its these sets that bring the most influence over what the cat identifies as."

Hats and costumes also influence personality stats, and can include everything from ties, capes, chickens and boards with nails sticking out to mustaches, wigs, glasses and parasites. Rare items offer a chance that the cat will acquire some element of the item as a piece of its own body.

"This type of 'mutation' is quite rare, but if the item in question is also rare your chances of mutation are doubled, but once it happens, it sticks and you now have the ability to breed that mutation into your kitten community," the post continues,

Full details of Mewgenics' breeding and personality system are available here.

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