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Ryse video walks you through the SmartGlass companion

A new video features Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb demonstrating the Xbox One's SmartGlass functionality between Ryse: Son of Rome and a nearby tablet.

By booting up the Ryse app on the Windows, Android or iOS tablet of your choice, you can do things like check the game's numbers: How many times you and your friends boot the game up, your friends' favorite multiplayer levels, and so on.

The companion app also offers an in-game timeline that syncs directly with your progression in-game, removing the need to manually find the current location yourself. It includes extras like videos showing the location of secret collectibles, tie-in comic books and features about the game's inspiration and development.

The video does not mention on the SmartMatch functionality touted by the developers before the game's release, in which players can queue up for multiplayer matches and create custom challenges in the SmartGlass app. We have reached out to Microsoft to learn more.

Ryse: Son of Rome launched with the Xbox One last month. Read our review for more.

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