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Dust 514's December events begin today

Beginning today, CCP Games' free-to-play shooter on PlayStation 3, Dust 514, will host a series of in-game events, each designed to reward players.

According to CCP, the first event, Developer Invasion, will run Dec. 16, 18 and 20. Devs from CCP will fight in "Other Contract" matches against players. Those matched against them will receive double XP and double ISK, Dust 514's in-game currency.

Weapon Trials: Rifle Round Up will run from Dec. 18-25. For every 10 kills with the Standard version of the Combat or Rail rifle, both of which were added in Dust 514's 1.7 Uprising release, players will receive a Prototype rifle.

The 12 Days of Dust event will run Dec. 25 through Jan. 5 and reward players with secret bonus items for logging in and winning a match each day.

From Dec. 17 through Jan. 4, CCP is also discounting the Dust 514 Tactical Edition. That version of the game, which includes a skill booster, vehicles, upgraded drop suits and more, will be available for $4.99, a 75 percent discount off of its regular $19.99 price.

To learn more about Dust 514 and its future, be sure to read Polygon's interview with Jean-Charles Gaudechon, the recently hired executive producer.

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