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The Walking Dead world won't be 'nicer or kinder' in season 2

The world won't be any "nicer or kinder" in The Walking Dead Season Two, despite players stepping into the shoes of vulnerable little girl, according to developer Telltale Games.

Speaking with IGN, the first episode's director Dennis Lenart, writer Mark Darin and Telltale president and co-founder Kevin Bruner said the world "doesn't care" that you're playing as Clementine rather than previous main character Lee. The zombies and other survivors won't treat Clementine any differently, despite the fact that she is younger and less able-bodied.

Clementine is also more vulnerable than Lee, and there will be a certain level of fear to weigh into her decisions. Other characters may ignore Clementine since she's a little girl, a "typical kid," or dismiss her as not a threat. But this could hinder or help her, depending on her goals, the developers said.

Fight scenes have also been reworked from the game's first season and will now play out more like fight scenes from The Wolf Among Us — more fast-paced with multiple action options and less focus on pointing a gun and shooting walkers. Combat will play out similar to the scene in which Bigby Wolf fights the Woodman, but tailored to suit tiny Clementine. The action will be focused on Clementine finding a way to survive rather than "the coolest way to beat someone up."

The Walking Dead Season Two's first episode, "All That Remains," launches today on Steam and tomorrow for iOS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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