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Dying Light gameplay video shows the dangers of nighttime

A new video for zombie free-runner Dying Light shows just how dangerous the undead hordes can be once the sun goes down.

The video follows the player character Antoine, as he's given an assignment to repair various anti-zombie traps on a route used by the survivors' couriers; one trap electrifies a gate, one sounds a car alarm to attract the hordes before detonating, and so on. As Antoine runs around the city accomplishing his mission, however, the sun begins to set.

In the world of Dying Light, zombies become exponentially dangerous at night. In the day, they are slow and lethargic and easy to deal with; at night their hunger increases along with their speed and agility. While Antoine is perfectly capable of fighting zombies himself during the day, at night he must instead run for his life while triggering traps.

Dying Light is planned to hit PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC next year.

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