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Skullgirls being delisted Dec. 31, reborn as Skullgirls Encore in Jan.

Lab Zero Games' 2D fighting game Skullgirls will be temporarily removed from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace on Dec. 31, the developer confirmed on its website today. The game will return, however, starting in January 2014 with a new name, Skullgirls Encore.

The transition from Skullgirls to Skullgirls Encore will impact owners of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game differently.

On PlayStation Network, owners of the original game will need to download Encore, which Lab Zero calls effectively "a 'new' and distinct game from the original release," separately. That means the game's existing downloadable content will be incompatible with Encore. But they'll be able to download the "new" game for free, if they've purchased the existing version of Skullgirls.

On Xbox Live, Lab Zero says the transition will be "pretty transparent." Skullgirls Encore will be a patched version of the existing game. Leaderboards, achievements and save data will be unaffected by the change, and Skullgirls DLC will be compatible with the Encore update.

The game's upcoming Squigly DLC, which adds the new fighter funded by Skullgirls' successful Indiegogo campaign, will be released for free — and only compatible with Encore — alongside the game's update. More region and platform-specific details are available at Lab Zero's website.

Lab Zero's Mike Zaimont revealed earlier this month that Skullgirls would be delisted from PSN and Xbox Live at Konami's request, after publisher Autumn Games severed ties with Konami.

During the transition from Skullgirls to Skullgirls Encore, the game will remain playable, and current owners can redownload the game from each console's respective store.

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