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Marble shooter Sparkle now available on PS Vita in North America

Finnish developer 10tons makes its North American PlayStation Vita debut this week with marble shooter Sparkle, the company announced in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Sparkle uses marbles to solve puzzles — players will shoot them along variously-shaped tracks and try to match three or more of the same color in a row to boost scores. Players can also collect power-ups that will help gameplay go more smoothly and clear marbles from the track more quickly.

10tons is offering Vita users a free trial of Sparkle, while the full version can be purchased for $4.99. The company also noted it plans to bring more of its existing titles to Vita over the next few months, including physics-based puzzler King Oddball in January. All games the studio releases will include free trial versions.

Sparkle is already available on Vita in Europe and for Windows PC, Mac and mobile devices.

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