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Games top Kickstarter's funding list with more than $200M raised

Kickstarter's games category has raised more than $200 million over the past four years, making it the largest draw for the crowdfunding platform.

Kickstarter released statistics today detailing the performance of the 13 categories it supports. Of the $920 million the platform raised across the board, the games category (which includes video games, card games, board games and more) accounted for $200.44 million. Of the $789 million it raised from successfully-funded projects, games accounted for $178.15 million.

The games category was ranked ahead of film and video, which raised $186.03 million, design, which raised $130.58 million and technology, which raised $86.84 million.

Despite the amount of money raised, the success rate of Kickstarter campaigns for games was only 35.08 percent, well behind theater projects, which had a success rate of 64.35 percent, dance projects, which had a success rate of 70.81 percent and music, which had a success rate of 55.24 percent.

The full breakdown of Kickstarter stats for 2013 can be viewed here. In March of this year, Kickstarter's games category has just surpassed $100 million in funds raised.

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