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Back to Bed delayed until after Christmas

The launch of Bedtime Gaming's 3D puzzle game Back to Bed is being delayed until after Christmas because the game isn't ready yet, according to an update to the game's Kickstarter page.

"A restructuring of Bedtime Gaming has been a necessity in order to get Back to Bed up to the quality mark that it deserves," the studio wrote. "This has taken time and resources, but in the long run, its been the only viable solution. We know the estimated launch date for Back to Bed is delayed again. But we can't put a product on the street that isn't done. This would kill the game!

"We just gonna have to live with the fact that the game is not going to launch before its completely done."

The studio assured its supporters that the restructuring of the company is now complete and it can focus on the game full-time.

Back to Bed was successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2013. In the Android, iPad, Linux, Mac and Windows PC game, players venture in surreal paintings and solve 3D puzzles. Polygon's interview with the developers can be read here.

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