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Star Citizen studio delays dogfighting mode

Star Citizen's dogfighting module is getting delayed by several months while its developers work to get the game's server backend running, according to a post from Chris Roberts.

The studio is now focusing on completing "serious work" on CryEngine's existing multiplayer system due to the number of users currently in the game's alpha.

"A lobby system, spinning up servers to handle each session, all things that we are building the new Star Citizen backend to handle," writes Roberts. "Unfortunately the server backend technology will not be ready for prime time for a couple more months. But this is really what I would like to run the dogfighting on, as it will link into your hangar, friend's lists, chat and so on."

The team also considered simply making the game single-player; however, this would have taken up additionally development time with the creation of additional AI.

You can read Roberts' letter in full right here.

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