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Chibi-Robo gets its own 3DS eShop title Jan. 9

Chibi-Robo, the robotic star of his own GameCube platform-adventure title, is getting a Nintendo 3DS eShop follow-up titled Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder early next year.

The game stars the electricity-powered scavenger once again, who this time is working for the curator of a museum dedicated to real-life objects called Nostal-Junk. In order to help fill the museum, players must take Chibi-Robo on a photo hunt, taking pictures of objects in their real world surroundings to fill various mission requests from a colorful cast of characters. The title will still feature the same power requirement as the last — if Chibi goes too long without plugging in, it's game over.

The title will also feature community-driven photo challenges, which will launch alongside the game when it hits the eShop Jan. 9 for $9.99. On the same day, a free demo version will also be available.

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