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See Mario Andretti's 1948 Hudson Hornet in Gran Turismo 6

Mario Andretti's love affair with racing began with one car, the 1948 Hudson Hornet, and Sony revealed footage and screenshots of the vehicle's upcoming debut in Gran Turismo 6 today.

The classic car was recently rebuilt, and the game's developers at Polyphony Digital digitized it so Gran Turismo 6 players can drive it themselves. The 1948 Hornet will be available as DLC tomorrow, Dec. 19, at 3:01 a.m. ET. In-game footage of the Hornet is available above, while screenshots can be found below.

The Hornet was rebuilt for First Love, a Gran Turismo 6 tie-in documentary on Andretti and his bond with the car. You can check out a trailer for First Love below, and watch it online here.

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