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Namco High now available for romancing Homestuck characters, the Galaga ship

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Namco High, the freemium dating sim starring a smattering of characters from Namco Bandai franchises, is now available to play in HTML 5-compatible browsers through Namco Bandai comics subsidiary Shifty Look.

Namco High, headed by Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie as the project's creative director, sets players in the shoes of one of the Katamari Damacy cousins as they attempt to navigate the romantic minefield of high school. Players can date other Namco Bandai characters, including Richard Miller from Time Crisis, Donko from Taiko Drum Master and the ship from Galaga.

Six characters are free to date, while the other twelve are premium content and must be purchased. Namco Bandai characters can be purchased in three packs of three characters each for $4.95 apiece, or all nine together for $13.50. A Deluxe Pack featuring three additional characters from Homestuck is also available for purchase for $14.95. Individual characters cost $1.95 each.

Shifty Look is also selling Namco High themed merchandise, including high school sweatshirts and t-shirts, bags and even a Namco High class ring.


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