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Bohemia sells 172K copies of DayZ on launch day for $5.17M in sales

DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive sold 172,500 copies of the open-world survival game during its first 24 hours of release, studio CEO Marek Spanel announced on his personal blog yesterday.

That follows Spanel's note on Twitter from earlier in the day that within the first 12 hours of DayZ going on sale, 88,000 people had purchased the game.

DayZ is currently available in an alpha version, and Bohemia has warned potential customers that the title is a work-in-progress. "Bugs discovered: many. Work ahead: hard," Spanel noted on his blog.

Bohemia is selling DayZ through its own store for €21.81, and as an Early Access title via Steam for $29.99. At that price, the game generated more than $5.17 million in sales on its launch day.

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