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Take on Krampus in The Secret World's holiday events

Krampus, the demonic creature that punishes misbehaving children during the holiday season, is wreaking havoc in The Secret World in a set of new holiday-themed events, developer Funcom announced on the game's website.

In the "A Mother of a Season" event, which begins today and runs through Jan. 2, players will follow Krampus into the icy underworld of Niflheim in an attempt to take him down. In addition to the demon and a score of other enemies, players will also get the chance to face Hel herself after assisting in a ritual to summon her.

The website hints that players who bring Hel out of Niflheim into the greater world will be met with an even greater challenge and a shot as some unique prizes should Hel be defeated.

In player-versus-player scenarios, combatants can now compete for a shot at becoming the Lord of Misrule. The title can be earned through combat and can only be retained for five minutes at a time. As the Lord of Misrule, players can change their appearance and use a handful of unique abilities including knockback shields and launching exploding presents. Whoever kills the Lord of Misrule will become the next one and take on his abilities.

A number of Santa-themed and other holiday outfits can also be found in The Secret World's Item Shop and as unique dropped loot.

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