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This game has 14 dinosaurs you can tame and ride

As illustrated in a recent gameplay video, players can tame and mount up to 14 different dinosaur species in The Stomping Land, a dinosaur-centric multiplayer survival game for Windows PC.

The Stomping Land's goal is to ultimately become the dominant tribe on the dinosaur-infested island. As carnivores are attracted by the smell of blood, hunters have to work fast to gather meat and buy time by creating traps to slow the bigger creatures down.

As highlighted in a previous video featuring a Styracosaurus, the game's roping mechanic is the fastest way to capture dinosaur. Requiring multiple players, successfully lassoing a creature offers the player the choice to kill or tame the dinosaur.

By gathering resources from the environment, players can craft tools such as traps, weapons, lasso, vaulting pole and even a pterodactyl wingsuit to help them hunt and survive. To learn more about the game, watch the previous trailer which demonstrates establishing a campsite, character customization and the significance of totems.

The Stomping Land Kickstarter campaign launched in May to crowdfund the game's development. With an initial funding goal of $20,000, the campaign ended with a total of $114, 000 in pledges. The Stomping Land passed Steam's Greenlight vetting process earlier this month and is currently scheduled for release in March, 2014 for Windows PC.

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