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Hello Games announces Joe Danger Infinity for iOS

Hello Games, developer of upcoming title No Man's Sky, is working on a new iOS game in the Joe Danger series, Joe Danger Infinity, the studio announced today.

Hello Games touts Joe Danger Infinity as "the biggest Joe Danger we've ever made" and notes that it will include endless gameplay possibilities.

In Joe Danger Infinity, the titular hero is one of a number of toys brought to life in a magic gumball machine. The game will include two dozen new characters to play as, tiny toys that will complete stunts across environments like bedroom floors and dining tables laden with Christmas dinner. Players will also have more than 20 new vehicles to choose from, including cars, airplanes, a tank and runaway fireworks.

"Really, if I'm honest, this has all come about ... because we absolutely love Hot Wheels and Micro Machines and the awesomeness of fighting remote control choppers, dodging snooker balls and ramping over blocks of cheese," Hello Games founder Sean Murray wrote in a press statement. "It's like we've gone full circle to back when we were coming up with the idea for the original Joe Danger, just playing with a little toy Evel Knievel stunt cycle."

Murray noted that there will be a "huge focus" on competition in Joe Danger Infinity and players will be encourage to compare and try to top each other's scores.

Hello Games has been working on Joe Danger Infinity for the past year, according to Murray. The studio is also working on exploration sim No Man's Sky, which was announced earlier this month at the Spike VGX awards.

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