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Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer introduces an open-world RPG

A trailer released this week for Kingdom Come: Deliverance teases the open-world role-playing game headed to PC and next-gen consoles in 2015.

Check out the teaser trailer above from developer Warhorse Studios to see the brutal medieval world planned for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The CryEngine 3-powered game will arrive from veterans of franchises like Arma, Crysis, Mafia and Operation Flashpoint. According to a post on the developer's official site, it will arrive with a focus on realism, not fantasy.

"Rooted within the Holy Roman Empire during the late Middle Ages, Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises a first-person seat to a harsh and brutal power struggle for the throne," the post reads. "As players traverse expansive, strikingly detailed locales, they'll grapple with a range of period-accurate fighting techniques, horseback combat, open-field sieges, and large-scale battles, all while developing relationships and a reputation that will inform the greater story. Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises no magic, high fantasy or mythical overtones it draws its inspiration instead from historically authentic characters, themes, and warfare."

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