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Year Walk headed to Steam in early 2014

Year Walk, Simogo's atmospheric iOS puzzle game, is headed to Steam in early 2014, according to a post today on the developer's official site.

The Mac and Windows PC incarnations will be more than straight ports of the mobile original. The Steam version will ship with a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme that includes a new "look-around" feature that will let players to peek around, based on the mouse's position on-screen.

The control changes will also have an effect on the game's puzzles, according to the post.

"Speaking of controls, those of you who played Year Walk for iOS knows that a lot of the puzzles were deeply tied to some of the features of the iPhone, including multitouch and tilt. Some of those puzzles have been redesigned, while others have been completely exchanged for brand new puzzles and interactions. So, redesigning puzzles not only means that we've changed the way you interact, many of them have new art and sounds as well. We even had to create one entirely new location in the forest for one of the new puzzles."

You can check out the blog post for some visual comparisons between the iOS and Steam versions (including a new map) and read our feature to learn more about the two-man team at Simogo and Year Walk.

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