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Batman: Arkham Origins interactive graphic novel hits iOS

The first part of DC Comics' interactive graphic novel for Batman: Arkham Origins is now available on iOS, DC Entertainment announced today.

Originally unveiled this past June, Batman: Arkham Origins - A DC2 MultiVerse Graphic Novel takes place just before the game itself in eight parts. Each one offers multiple story paths — some choices will keep you moving forward, while others may have "deadly consequences," according to DC's description of the graphic novel.

A free preview of the first part is currently available on the iTunes App Store. Readers can purchase the first part or buy the entire series at once; new chapters will be released every two weeks. Buyers of the full package will immediately receive two Batman skins for Arkham Origins on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360: New 52 Metallic Batman, and Batman from Injustice: Gods Among Us. Those who buy the chapters as they are released will get the Injustice skin halfway through the eight-chapter series, while the New 52 skin will be made available when all eight parts have been released.

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