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Frozen Endzone beta trailer brings brutal robot football

Mode 7's future sports title Frozen Endzone is heading into beta this week, and has a new trailer out to commemorate the occasion.

The first part of the trailer shows the game in action in close-up sequences, as robots run and pass the ball while delivering powerful blocks and tackles in a futuristic version of football. The trailer then segues into a description of the game's features and what players will get by pre-ordering the game, including access to the beta test for themselves and a friend.

The second half of the trailer walks viewers through a Frozen Endzone match. The offensive team must bring the ball to either the endzone (worth 7 points) or a midzone (worth 3 points); the defensive team must stop them. The terrain is randomly generated and interferes with both passing and movement, meaning both players must adapt to the playing field as well as the opponents' position.

Frozen Endzone's beta starts on Thursday, Dec. 5.

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