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Renegade Kid delays Treasurenauts, two new games on the way

Renegade Kid's 2D platformer Treasurenauts will not be released via the Nintendo 3DS eShop until Q1 2014, developer Jools Watsham announced today via his blog.

Treasurenauts was originally expected before the year's end. According to Watsham, the delay is not indicative of larger problems.

"The game means a lot to us, and we want to do it right," Watsham wrote. "We need more time to make it the game we want it to be.

"Sorry for the delay, but as an independent developer we rely on the success and revenue generated from each of our self-published games. More time = better game = better sales (hopefully)."

A more definite release date will be announced "soon." Watsham also added that Treasurenauts' development put Mutant Mudds 2 "on hold for a bit" in order to keep perspective on the game.

Renegade Kid is also working on two new titles. A new 3DS game will be announced officially in January 2014, with a release planned later that year. More information will be available about the second title in the future.

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