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Battlefield 4 on PC getting one-hit kill bug fix tomorrow

The Windows PC version of Battlefield 4 will receive an update tomorrow, Dec. 3, that will fix a bug allowing one-hit kills among other tweaks, according to a post on Battlelog.

The one-hit kill bug sometimes applied damage from a single bullet multiple times to a target, often resulting in a quick one-shot death.

In addition to fixing the one-hit kill bug, the update will solve problems with audio dropping out on certain multiplayer maps, blur effects on soldiers appearing during Commanders' EMP attacks and a crash occurring when players exit single player mode to the game's main menu. Battlefield 4's network and computer performance screen also now shows proper values; players can now test their network and computer settings for recommendations for better performance.

The update's release will coincide with that of China Rising, Battlefield 4's first add-on content pack, for Premium members. The update will begin rolling out at 4 a.m. ET, with China Rising becoming available an hour later. The post notes that players should expect "some downtime" around this time as servers are readied to receive the new content.

Battlefield 4 launched for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC on Oct. 29, on PlayStation 4 Nov. 15 and Xbox One Nov. 22. Read Polygon's review here.

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