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Jane Austen-inspired MMO successfully completes Kickstarter funding

The Kickstarter campaign for 3 Turn Productions' Jane Austen-inspired massively multiplayer online game, Ever, Jane, successfully completed funding with $109,563 of its proposed $100,000 goal.

The Kickstarter campaign did not achieve any of its stretch goals, which began at $150,000. Additional funding would have helped contributed to music, art and other development costs. However, those interested will still be able to contribute to stretch goals through the game's website.

In Ever, Jane, players spend their time going to dinner parties and society events while building a reputation and spreading gossip. The game takes place in the Regency Period in England and incorporates personality traits fitting of major characters from Austen's novels.

A free prototype of Ever, Jane is available on the game's official website. Ever, Jane launched its Kickstarter campaign last month.

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