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SOE teases EverQuest Next Landmark alpha for late January

The alpha for EverQuest Next Landmark, a creation tool parallel to EverQuest Next, may begin in the "last half of January," Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley revealed today via Twitter.

"It's looking like our Alpha for EQNL is going to start sometime in the last half of January. Very excited.!" the tweet reads.

Beta registration for EverQuest Next and the standalone sandbox, EverQuest Next Landmark, opened to players in Europe and North America in October. For more about the sandbox, check out a dev diary which outlines the tools available to players in Landmark and a selection of the materials they have to experiment with, such as stone, wood and shingles.

In Landmark, players can create objects and trade them for in-game money at a marketplace stall or sell them via the Player Studio for real currency. We previously spoke to Smedley about how EverQuest Next Landmark aims to combine the best of EverQuest and Minecraft into a profitable and fun experience for players.

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