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Horizon dev adds terraforming and more

A recent update to Horizon brought terraforming and some community requested features to developer L3O Interactive's in-beta 4X strategy game.

Horizon, which launched through Steam Early Access earlier this year, now allows players to customize their races based on templates. The update also added seven additional races and 84 new ship models as well as a new terraforming option to make planets more hospitable.

"We had planned to have full race customization in Horizon, but we are now also taking the next step by providing gamers the option to play as one of seven other unique races in the game," developer Raffi Parsekhian said. "Of course, we appreciate all feedback on the new update and encourage all players to give their opinion and advice on the official forum. Over the next weeks we will also be busy with language integrations, achievements and random events, working hard towards Horizon's final launch next year."

You can get all of the details about the update in the official Horizon forums. You can also purchase Horizon on Steam for $18.74, a 25 percent discount off of its normal $24.99 price. As part of Steam's Holiday Sale 2013, that discount will be available until Jan. 2.