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Blizzard details clan, group changes in StarCraft 2 Patch 2.1

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Patch 2.1 for StarCraft 2 will include a bunch of changes to clans and groups, including interface optimizations and usability improvements, explained developer Blizzard Entertainment in a blog post yesterday.

Club officers and owners will now be able to create events with a new Events tab at the top of a clan or group window. This allows those individuals to schedule events like practices and other activities on a club-wide basis. Clubs can also be personalized with custom image uploads for club icons. A different customization option will be available in Patch 2.1 for clans. Custom clan decals, which have image requirements that are essentially identical to club icons, will show up in StarCraft 2 games like tags in Counter-Strike.

StarCraft 2 players can try these new features right now with the version of Patch 2.1 that is available in the game's Public Test Realm.