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Developer to release game created in 1993 next year

Modesty will release 1993 — a game created 20 years ago for the Commodore Amiga — for Windows PC in 2014, the developer recently announced.

Side-scrolling space shooter 1993 was created in Sweden by four teens. Just before the game's release, the group split, leaving 1993 stuck in limbo. According to Modesty designer and one of the title's original creators, Krister Karlsson, 1993 is presented exactly as it was, with only one change.

"The only thing added to the game is an engine that works on today's systems and a title that we felt made better sense," Karlsson said.

1993 is currently collecting votes on Steam Greenlight. In addition to 12 playable ships, it features five worlds to explore and 25 weapons. Watch the trailer above for a look at the game.

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