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Duke Nukem co-creator releases new game for Ludum Dare 28

George Broussard, Duke Nukem co-creator and the developer behind game jam title The Road, released a new game called Underdeep as part of Ludum Dare 28.

Speaking with Polygon via email, Broussard said he was interested in creating a simple 3D game with random elements for each playthrough. The result was Underdeep — a randomly generated first-person shooter Broussard describes as "Wolfenstein meets Rogue."

Players venture through five floors to recover the "Sword of Badassery" while fighting off monsters. In keeping with the jam's theme of "You Only Get One," players have only one life to accomplish their task. You can play Underdeep in your browser.

Ludum Dare 28 took place Dec. 13 through 16. More than 2,064 games were produced during the weekend event.

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