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Nintendo reminds consumers that the Wii U is a new system

Nintendo's latest advertisement for the Wii U attempts to clarify with consumers that the console is an entirely new system and not just a peripheral upgrade for the Wii, as well as highlighting the system's features and new game releases.

The advertisement describes the Wii U console as "an entirely new technology and true successor to Wii." The two minute video also outlines the Wii U's features and "exclusive library of games" such as Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Wii Sports Club and more.

Earlier in the year, Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata acknowledged that slow sales of Wii U units were partially due to people's misconception that the console is simply a peripheral upgrade for the Wii. He also said that Nintendo has been unable to successfully demonstrate the value of the platform to its consumers, "which has been a grand challenge" for the company.

"Some have the misunderstanding that Wii U is just Wii with a pad for games, and others even consider Wii U GamePad as a peripheral device connectable to Wii," said Iwata during the company's financial results briefing earlier this year. "We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product."

Iwata said at the time that Nintendo will endeavour to help consumers understand the console and bulk up its software lineup to help the Wii U regain its sale momentum.

Nintendo issued a message to Wii owners in May outlining that its new hardware is not a Wii upgrade but an "all-new home console from Nintendo" that "will change the way you and your family experience games and entertainment."

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