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Star Citizen surpasses $35 million stretch goal

Cloud Imperium's space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen recently surpassed $35 million in funding, unlocking the fan voted Drake Herald ship, developer Chris Roberts announced in an official blog post.

Featuring advanced encryption software and an armored computer core, the Drake Herald is designed to get sensitive information from point A to B. The small yet heavily armored ship flaunts a "redundant power subsystems and EMP shielding, and a high-powered broadcast array for data transmission."

Hitting $37 million in funding will unlock the stellar graveyard, a rectangular planetary nebula which is home to the Tanga System at its heart. The system features two dead planets, with the possibility of three to four additional planetary bodies.

Star Citizen hit the $33 million stretch goal in November, along with the $31 million milestone in the same month, unlocking the RSI Orion mining platform. The game also recently reached its $29 million funding goal, introducing an additional single-player campaign called Squadron 42.

According to a post by Chris Roberts last week, Star Citizen's dogfighting component will be delayed by several months so the developers can focus on getting the game's server backend live.

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