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Play Doom as the cast of Resident Evil with this mod

Modder "DooMero" came up with a new, creative way to play Doom 20 years after the first-person shooter's initial release; the modder's latest work, Doom: The Mercenaries, swaps in a third-person view and adds the cast of Resident Evil 4 as playable characters.

The current version of the mod includes five characters from Resident Evil 4: Albert Wesker, Leon Kennedy, Jack Krauser, Hunk and Ada Wong. The video above, posted to YouTube, shows version 4.0 of The Mercenaries in action. "DooMero" notes that version 4.0 is still only around 85 percent done and will include new taunts and tweaked melee moves for characters.

Doom: The Mercenaries is available to download via MediaFire. In order to use the mod, players need a copy of Doom and either the Skulltag or Zandronum open-source multiplayer source ports for Doom.

Doom recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Check out Polygon's story detailing the classid id Software shooter's legacy.

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