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Unreleased multiplayer games delivered to Sportsfriends backers

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Four unreleased local-multiplayer games are now available to select backers of Die Gute Fabrik's Kickstarter drive for Sportsfriends, the studio announced over the weekend in an email to those backers.

People who backed at the $60 tier ("Super Sportsfriends") or above now have access to four games designed by friends of Die Gute Fabrik. The titles in question are Recurse (screenshot above) by Matt Parker and Lumalus; Shot Shot Shoot by Erik Svedäng; SMESPORT by Michael Brough; and Super Punchball by Dominique "Dom2D" Ferland and team. Die Gute Fabrik has also included the single-player title Miracle Adventures in 2113 by Noah Sasso, developer of the game BaraBariBall in Sportsfriends.

All games are available on Mac and Windows PC, except the Windows-only SMESPORT. The backers in question can download the five titles from the Humble Store by inputting the email address with which they signed up for the Sportsfriends Kickstarter. Die Gute Fabrik also noted that two more games are still coming to these backers: Spaceship with a Mace by Nifflas, and an unreleased title from Ramiro Corbetta, developer of Hokra from Sportsfriends.

For more on the Sportsfriends Kickstarter, check out our interview with Die Gute Fabrik's Douglas Wilson, developer of Johann Sebastian Joust, about the campaign's final week.

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