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Gone Home being remade as a 16-bit Japanese RPG

Gone Home, the first-person exploration game from The Fullbright Company, is getting a "demake" in the form of a 16-bit Japanese role-playing game, and developer Seth Macy is doing it with the blessing of the studio, he announced today on Twitter.

Gone Home is a three-dimensional adventure game in which the player character, Kaitlin Greenbriar, searches her new home to uncover details about her younger sister and her parents, all of whom are missing when Katie comes back from a year abroad. Players glean much of the story from the rooms they search and the items they find, including audio diaries left by Kaitlin's sister, Samantha.

Macy is using RPG Maker XP to remake Gone Home in the style of a top-down Japanese role-playing game akin to Final Fantasy titles from the 16-bit era. In an email to Polygon, Steve Gaynor of The Fullbright Company said that the studio found out about the project when Macy emailed the team about it today.

"It looks pretty rad! The team did a quick 'we think this is awesome, right?' email and then gave him the go-ahead," Gaynor told Polygon. "It's really cool to see the house interpreted through a classic 16-bit RPG lens and we can't wait to see how it turns out."

You can see the first four screenshots of Macy's demake below.

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