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Why creating the perfect game for Oculus Rift is a challenge

Creating an ideal game for Oculus Rift is tough due to the system's shifting player comfort level, ability to induce motion sickness and levels of physics, according to a report from The Verge.

The publication spoke with several developers for the virtual reality headset. According to Owlchemy Labs' Devin Reimer, something as simple as moving up stairs can become a nauseating challenge. Speaking about the developer's Oculus Rift port of Dejobaan Games' skydiving simulator, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, Reimer explained that manipulating the physical world can be better than fully imitating it.

"With VR games, the less you are trying to manually override your camera controls and movement with inputs, the better off you are," Reimer told The Verge. "The port (called Aaaaaculus!) is a long drop to a hard landing, but drifting around buildings to reach it is a surprisingly tranquil process, not least because no matter how fast you're falling, your in-game body isn't actually doing much."

Although the Oculus Rift isn't yet ideal for games that involve a lot of running or walking, games that involve driving of flying motions tend to be more successful. Horror games, too, show a lot of promise thanks to their isolating nature.

For more on the Oculus Rift's future in gaming, check out the full story.

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