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From Software turned down mobile Dark Souls due to controls

Dark Souls developer From Software is hesitant to bring the action role-playing game to mobile devices because it would have to change the game's controls, according to publisher Namco Bandai's director of global strategy for mobile, Alex Adjaj.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Adjaj said the publisher is interested in a mobile entry, but the developer has been less enthusiastic.

"We'd like to bring Dark Souls to mobile, but it's very difficult because the guys at From Software are very much console-oriented," he said. "To change their mind about it, it takes quite a while. The leads on Dark Souls are saying, 'we don't want to do mobile because the controls would have to be changed, and therefore it won't be Dark Souls any more."

Adjaj told Digital Spy the game "could work incredibly well for mobile," but the company would have to account for the tastes of different markets and redesign it to make it more casual with shorter sessions. "But definitely, it's something we could bring to mobile in a very successful way."

Digital Spy's interview with Adjaj can be read here.

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