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World of Tanks update adds more Japanese tanks and a new map

The latest update to massively multiplayer online game World of Tanks is slated to hit this week, bringing with it a new Japanese tech tree as well as an additional map, developer Wargaming announced today.

Update 8.10 is available now in North America and Europe and will go live in China and Vietnam on Dec. 26 and in Korea on Dec. 27.

The new Japanese tech tree brings with it 14 armored vehicles including four new light tanks, nine medium tanks and one Japanese premium tank: the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai medium. Featured among the new light vehicles are the Type 5 Ke-Ho and medium-weight vehicles will feature the STB-1 tank.

The update also adds two new tanks to the Soviet tech tree, the Tier 9 Object 430 Variant 2 and the Tier 10 Object 430 medium tanks, and the Japanese-themed Hidden Village map.

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