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Where development on Supergiant's Transistor stands

Transistor, Bastion developer Supergiant Games' upcoming title, is in an alpha state, according to an update on the developer's official site.

Creative director Greg Kasavin explained that the studio spent 2013 revealing and showing Transistor, which is headed to PlayStation 4 in 2014. Having an alpha version by the end of the year lines up with the developers' expectations.

"Right now Transistor is in an alpha state where just about all of the content, systems, and features we have in mind are implemented in some fashion, and the game is playable from beginning to end," Kasavin wrote. "It's where we wanted to be as we head into 2014.

"In the coming weeks, we plan to keep testing, tuning, and iterating on every aspect of the game until we think it's ready to put out there for you to play."

Until then, fans can browse the official Supergiant store, where everything is on sale for the holidays.

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