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Spelunky, Ridiculous Fishing composer offering 'pay what you want' for albums

Until the end of the week, composer Eirik Suhrke is offering a "pay what you want" model for his discography which includes game soundtracks such as Spelunky and Ridiculous Fishing.

Available through the composer's Bandcamp page, those interested can grab soundtracks to indie games like Derek Yu's action-adventure game Spelunky. Inspired by inspired by early 90-s video games, the 62-track album is a "combination of cute and somber jazz, over a mid-tempo beat" and includes additional tracks not featured in the video game.

The 14-track album for Vlambeer's fishing video game Ridiculous Fishing, the recreated 6-track album for the studio's arcade action game Super Crate Box and more are also available.

The digital albums are available in several formats including MP3 and FLAC, with those who pay receiving unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.

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