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Kerbal Space Program dev uninterested in adding randomly generated content

Kerbal Space Program developer Squad isn't "particularly" interested in adding randomly generated solar systems to the game's content, lead developer Felipe Falanghe recently told PC Gamer.

In Kerbal Space Program, a sandbox, space flight sim, players construct and fly spaceships. According to Falanghe, adding randomly generated content isn't impossible. However, it would disrupt the only shared experience Kerbal Space Program has: its universe.

"I think that KSP being a game where you can build your own spacecraft, play the game in your own way and have essentially a completely different experience from everyone else... the only thing tying these experiences together is that the universe is the same," Falanghe said. "So if we were to add procedurally generated planets outside the current solar system, you would end up with places and destinations that don't exist for anyone else. And then it would fail in terms of you being able to relate to someone else's experience."

New content in the form of additional solar systems also puts Squad in a tough spot. Adding more solar systems to the game would also disrupt the science, which Falanghe prizes above the game's fiction.

"You're talking about interstellar distances, which means time-warp isn't enough anymore, no matter how fast you're going," Falanghe said. "Now you need some sort of warp drive, and that falls into the realm of sci-fi. And that then requires us to break the laws of physics, which would in fact make everything much trickier."

Kerbal Space Program launched for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam Early Access in March.

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