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Here's a sneak peek at the Borderlands live action film starring Handsome Jack

Charismatic villain Handsome Jack is the subject of Manifest Film's live-action movie based on Gearbox Software's Borderlands franchise — according to the latest teaser trailer released for the project.

Headed by director and writer Anthony Pietromonaco, Jack's Exodus takes the man Borderlands fans love to hate and drops him in the perilous environment of Pandora, packed with roaming Psychos ready for a kill. According the film's official website, the story picks up after the events of Borderlands 2 and follows a respawned Jack as he tries to reclaim his reign over the Hyperion Satellite. Jack will encounter a cast of characters that have made appearances in Gearbox's series — including one very special ninja master assassin, Zero.

The film's page notes that Jack's Exodus is a fan film, and is in no way affiliated with Gearbox or publisher 2K Games.

Jack's Exodus, made in partnership with Machinima and media entertainment corporation Veritas Gold, will premiere on Jan. 3 at the Games on Film Festival in Washington, DC during the Magfest convention. Tickets to the event are available through the Magfest website.

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