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Holiday Game Jam yields 25-game bundle for Child's Play

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The Holiday Game Jam hosted by L.A. game space Glitch City has yielded a bundle of 25 holiday-themed games to raise money for charity, event organizers have announced.

Submissions to the month-long jam, which kicked off Nov. 29, are included in the pack, which is available through the Humble Bundle store for pay-what-you-want.

Jam leaders Teddy Diefenbach, developer of Hyper Light Drifter and Asteroid Soccer 2014's Archie Prakash noted a few of the jam's highlights in a press statement: these include 33rd Street, in which players control a father struggling to make Christmas happen for his family on low income; psychodickensian Twine adventure The Ghosts of Christmas Whatever; and Three Kings, an interactive version of the hymn "We Three Kings of Orient Are" by Jacob Boyle. Submissions also included Fireplace Simulator 2013 and a game about stuffing stockings.

The bundle is currently available with a starting minimum of $1.00. All proceeds from the bundle will go to Child's Play Charity, an organization that provides toys and video games to children in hospitals worldwide.