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Gearbox polls Homeworld fans on platforms, collector's edition for HD release

Gearbox Software posted a survey to collect fan feedback on future additions to the Homeworld franchise, which the company announced in April it had purchased after publisher THQ's disbanding.

The survey asks participants what platforms and genres they prefer and even at a possible collector's edition release of the original games. Questions ask participants what kind of content they would want to receive in a collector's edition, how much they would be willing to pay for it and whether or not they would be interested in a Homeworld artbook.

In a message displayed before starting the survey, the studio suggests the feedback collected will help the developer with "future Gearbox efforts."

"Please understand that your responses to this survey will be taken seriously, but we cannot guarantee that we will act upon your suggestions," reads the message, noting that taking the survey means participants are over the age of 13 and agree to let Gearbox utilize their feedback.

The survey also includes some details on the HD re-releases of Homeworld and Homeworld 2. According to the survey, these will include high-res texture and model upgrades, new post-processing effects, animated cutscenes recreated in HD by the original Homeworld teams and a remastered soundtrack with additional new tracks. These HD versions will also feature Steamworks integration with matchmaking and Steam Achievements, as well as support for user-created mods.

Gearbox was the highest bidder for the Homeworld franchise following THQ's declaration of bankruptcy last winter, netting the series for $1.3 million after approval of the bankruptcy court overseeing the subsequent liquidation auctions for THQ's assets.

In September, Gearbox announced that it had given the Homeworld name to Hardware: Shipbreakers, the series' spiritual successor in development with founding members of Relic Entertainment. The name change is part of a deal between developer Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox in which the latter studio will lend production and financial resources to help finish the title.