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1979 Revolution developer relaunches crowdfunding campaign on its own website

The developers behind 1979 Revolution, a game about the Iranian Revolution, recently relaunched a crowdfunding campaign for the game on its own website after the original Kickstarter campaign failed to reach its funding goal.

iNK Stories launched a Kickstarter campaign for 1979 Revolution on Nov. 13. The campaign had a funding goal of $395,000, but only $304,741 was raised before the funding deadline. The studio has since launched a new fundraiser on its own website with new supporter rewards at lower price points "due to lower fees and more options," the studio wrote on its Kickstarter page. "The Revolution will continue and we won't stop until we have achieved out goal."

At the time of writing, the new crowdfunding campaign has raised $25,438 from 622 supporters. Details about the game and the campaign can be read here.

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